While working as an architect, Scot Storm’s love of hunting and the outdoors drew him to explore the challenges of wildlife art. In 1987, as a self taught artist, he entered and placed second in the Minnesota Duck Stamp contest. Thereafter Scot’s interest in wildlife art became his passion, leading him to many great achievements including the 2004 Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Federal Duck stamps. His paintings of waterfowl, hunting dogs and other animals all reveal his attention to the fine details that breathe life into every image. This mastery of detail and the living landscapes that it produces are what led Ducks Unlimited to name Scot as the “International Artist of the Year” for 2005.


Cynthie Fisher of Hamilton, Montana is a self taught artist. In her pursuit of her favorite activity, big game hunting, Cynthie has traveled all over north America and been to Africa Six times taking many fine trophy animals. This love of hunting combined with a degree in Zoology and an interest in avian taxidermy gives her the tools that she needs to create the finely detailed images that have placed her in the upper echelon of the artistic world. Cynthies long list of artistic achievements include winning ten State Duck Stamp contests,the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations artist of the year and a ten time featured artist for ducks unlimited.


Randy McGovern grew up hunting and trapping in the swamps and marshes of Louisiana. He won his first artistic award in a city wide art contest when he was just in the fourth grade. Randy’s perfectionist attitude, gifted talent and eye for detail has made him one of the nations most beloved artists in just a few short years. Even if a little extra accuracy may go unnoticed, Randy believes that you have to be more than disciplined; you have to be driven. That talent and drive has merged, under guidance from the Lord, to propel Randy into some of the highest awards and honors that can be bestowed on an artist.


No one captures nature like nationally known wildlife artist, Larry Zach! Zach doesn’t just paint wildlife. Through his research and field study, he knows them, a fact proven by his extremely collectible artwork. Larry Zach’s attention to detail, anatomical accuracy, and his work with conservation groups across the country have resulted in tremendous popularity among art collectors nationwide.


Paco Young spent most of his boyhood years near Nashville, Tennessee, where the woods and streams provided an idyllic environment to learn about nature. Paco Young's interest and talent in art surfaced early, and his paintings began to sell when he was only a teenager. Paco Young had five years of formal art training at the Memphis Academy of Arts, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Today Paco Young's work is widely exhibited and collected in North America and abroad. Paco Young lives with his wife Toni and their son Graham in Montana.