If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time!!!

Our aim at S.C.I. is to bring to you the highest quality products, with the best service, giving you the greatest value, without compromising our integrity.
We consistently look for better ways to serve our clients. We are also searching for new ways to enhance our products. And in doing this we always keep our costs in check. We appreciate everyone that has helped us to succeed and we never take that for granted. A customer is more than just a customer, they are like family.

From the beauty of our SAFEART wildlife magnets, to the strength of our DAKOTA SAFE. No detail is overlooked. We know how important moisture control inside a safe is, and that is why our SAFE DRI II was developed to remove that moisture. All of the pistol racks KWIK DRAW and GUNSLINGR are designed to hold your guns safely, without doing any damage to them. We didn't forget that moving your safe can be a big hassle. Thus our evolutionary SLIKSTICKS were developed.
Each of our products has been derived from our extensive experience and years that we have been in the safe business. We intend to keep delivering the dependable products that we have become known for and continue to develop new products that will enhance your safe experiences.

S.C.I. for all your gun safe and related needs.